Heat Exchanger Parts

Heat Exchangers have complex structure but once you get the grip over it that how they are designed and what are the functions of the various parts, things do tend to get much easier and you can comprehend it substantially. To understand the Heat Exchanger Parts, you need to understand the various types of heat exchangers, and trust us when we say "there are MANY"!! So, let us begin the study of the various types of heat exchangers and as you study them, you will also understand the various parts.

First off, is the Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. These heat exchangers primarily have a complete series of tubes interconnected. One of these tubes has the fluid. The set of tubes is called the tube bundle, and is one of the primary Heat Exchanger Parts. This cluster of tubes can be of various shapes, sizes and even materials. These are used for the higher pressure applications, which exceed temperatures of 260 °C. Their shape and design makes them robust and durable. Some of these heat exchangers also use the tube corrugation which is primarily used for the inner tubes. There is also some use of the baffles, which are used for directing the fluids. These are used extensively in swimming pools.

The Heat Exchanger Plates, also known as Plate Heat Exchangers, comprise of multiple, slightly separated thin plates and have large surface areas. With the advancements in the gasket and brazing technologies, we have seen an increase in the practicality of these exchangers and their Heat Exchanger Parts are quite well in production. These plates are also in loops and there are dip brazing as well as vacuum brazing methods. These plates comprise of machined fins or groves or both of them.

The Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchangers use the intermediate fluid or a solid store for holding the heat. These only majorly consist of the adiabatic wheels.There are also the Plate Fin Heat Exchangers. These types of heat exchangers sandwiched passages that contain fins that are used to increase the efficiency of the unit. The Heat Exchanger Parts that are most primary in these are made of aluminum alloys as they are responsible for providing more heat transfer. These are mostly used for storing helium, oxygen and natural gas and are also used in transport industries such as airlines.

There is another type of heat exchanger that is called the Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger. It is mostly used in the dairy industry and has primarily stainless steel to make bulk tanks. Other Heat Exchanger Parts in this type include pillow plates that are lined up without any gaps and welded in serpentine patterns.Fluid Heat Exchangers have gases in them that pass upwards through a shower of fluids, which is usually water. It is widely needed in the espresso industries. There are also some other Heat Exchanger Parts, which clearly proves that it is a diverse department, that varies from the type of heat exchanger that is being discussed.

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