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Re-Hardening Filters
Re-Hardening FiltersSONDEX re-hardening filters are coupled to the FWD to obtain drinkable water with a pH value of 7 - 8.5 and mineralize the water condition to suit the human body.


• Supplied with the necessary valves, pressure gauges and strainers, ready
  for installation.
• Remove solid particles and contaminants through a specially designed
  bottom filter.
• Designed with by-pass function in case of service and technical water production.
• Manufactured in stainless steel to ensure a long lifetime.
• Delivered with pH adjusted filter-material.
• Cover a range from 0,1 to 2,75 m3/h.

Seawater Pump
Seawater PumpSONDEX supplies the seawater pump for driving the FWD ejector and cooling the condenser.


• Designed to the actual duty of the FWD in accordance with DIN24255
  and ISO2858.
• High quality base mounted In-line pumps for 10 bar maximum pressure.
• Equipped with standard IEC motors
• Built with NiAl-bronze impeller, cast bronze housing and stainless steel shafts.
• Full spare part program with fast delivery all over the world.

SONDEX Steam Arrangement
SONDEX Steam ArrangementThe SONDEX steam arrangement is used in cases where waste hot water is not sufficient or available.


• Designed as a self-acting unit ensuring stable production capacity by
  injecting steam to the self-circulating water circuit.
• Equipped with condensate release valve to keep a constant low
  operation pressure as well as a safety blow valve.
• Includes on/off valves for separation of jacket water system as well as
  filling valves for steam system.
• Constructed with high alloy materials and quality control valves for self-acting or pneumatic operation.

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