Our local engineers help you optimise your system, in your language, at your location, in your time. Our vast range of plate designs with proprietary patterns ensure you get the ideal heat transfer coefficient in a single pass. We work with you to achieve the optimum surface area, lowest pressure drop, maximum fluid turbulence & minimal fouling potential. This all means you get the most efficient system for the lowest possible cost. The payback period in terms of energy savings is shortened and then we back you up with local support, genuine spares and comprehensive maintenance programs to suit your needs – available worldwide.


A huge range of plate designs and connection sizes means we can achieve the most accurate and cost effective solutions. Variable plate lengths minimise the inlet area, maximising cooling area and minimising pressure drop. We have solutions for high pressure & high temperature situations, free flow plates for media with particles (Pulp & Paper, Sugar, etc), semi-welded, welded, brazed, plate & shell, double-wall plates to guard against cross contamination, etc. No matter the job, we have the solution.


Our systems are designed to be more effective with fewer plates, in a single pass, without the requirement for valuable additional space and the engineering constraints associated with double pass systems. The plate patterns are designed to maximise turbulence and heat transfer efficiency, also to minimise fouling – saving you on maintenance.


Continuous innovation ensures that customers are always benefiting from the latest design features. For example, our glue-less "Sonder-Lock" gasket system makes servicing easier and the reinforced gasket groove of the plate ensures the gasket is well protected, preserving its elasticity for many future services. Innovative plate patterns eliminate dead-spots at the inlet area of the plates, proprietary patterns for FWDs create an efficient "tubing" effect in the evaporator and condenser, etc.


In times of critical material shortages our long term supply agreements enable us to keep lead times shorter than most, eg titanium. Our track record for delivery is second to none – you can be confident we will deliver the best solution in the shortest time.


For more than 2 decades we have focused solely on PHE and FWD, investing heavily in R&D. We do everything in-house, we have our own gasket factory, our own tooling equipment and plate presses are self-built in-house too. This means we are fast to react to changing customer requirements and industry needs.


We have an extensive reach in Asia and are committed to high standards of service. We hire local specialists and stock genuine parts. We have the best tools to quickly renovate your system and minimise any down time. We warrant our work to give you peace of mind.


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