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Plate Heat Exchanger - Brazed PHE

The SONDEX Brazed PHE consists of a number of thin, acid-resistant plates, precision stamped and assembled as a unit, each alternate plate being rotated 180°. The plate pack, assembled with two end plates and connections, is vacuum brazed at extremely high temperatures providing a permanently sealed heat exchanger.

The final result is a strong and compact PHE capable of extremely high heat transmissions. The Brazed PHE is lightweight and in most cases can be mounted direct on the piping without supports.

Because SONDEX Brazed PHE do not contain rubber gaskets they can operate continuously over an extreme range of temperatures from minus 180°C to plus 200° C and the operating pressure can be as high as 30 bar.

Typical applications include District Heating, HVAC, Solar Heating, Heating pumps, Hydraulic and fuel oil units. It should only be used clean liquids which must not contain particles and dirt larger than 1mm.

Download Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Product Brochure (PDF file, 1.38mb).
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