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Plate Heat Exchanger - Double Wall PHE

The SONDEX Double Wall Plate system consists of two thin flow plates stamped together. These two plates form a pair that allows for a warning about potential leaks that can be seen from between the plates and also prevents cross contamination of the products in the system.


The Plate Design
•Two plates pressed together
•Loose ring gasket
•Ring gasket only seals on plate
•The plates are easy to service
•The gasket is only on one plate

The Inlet Area
•Low pressure drop
•No dead spots
•Even distribution

The Main Pattern
•Optimal use of pressure drop
•High turbulence
•High K-value

The Gasket Groove
•Closed gasket groove
•Full support of the gasket
•Long lifetime of the gasket

The Plate Hanging System
•SONDEX patent
•Locks the plates together
•No risk of mixing the products
•Visual leak detection

Download Double Wall Plate Heat Exchangers Product Brochure (PDF file, 853kb).
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