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Plate Heat Exchanger - Free Flow Plates

SONDEX Free Flow Plates are specially designed for liquids containing fibres or other particles that may block conventional plate configurations. The free flow plates are designed without metal contact between the plates in the liquid area, promoting high turbulence, resulting in an elevated temperature transmission coefficient particularly over long running periods.


The Inlet Area
• Low pressure drop
• No dead spots
• Even distribution

The Main Pattern
• Line contact
• Optimal use of pressure drop
• High turbulence
• High K-value

The Gasket Groove
• Closed gasket groove
• Full support of the gasket
• Long lifetime of the gasket

The Middle Gasket
• Full support of the gasket
• Designed for soft product
• Even distribution of the fluid
• No flexing of the plate

The Plate Hanging System
• Locks the plate in the next plate

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