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Plate Heat Exchanger - Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

Plate and Shell Heat ExchangersThe SONDEX Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger functions in the same way as a tubular unit but is more efficient because plates have been used instead of tubes. The plates are laser/TIG welded together to form a plate pack that is then mounted inside the cylindrical shell. This heat exchanger is produced as an all welded unit or with flanges which makes manual cleaning possible.


Advantages and Applications
• Laser welded plates
• Suitable for NH3
• Evaporators and Condensers
• Fuel oil heaters
• High working pressure
• No gaskets
• Safe operation without leaking
• Small liquid volume

Plate and Shell Heat ExchangersThe Plate packet
• Welded and ready plate packet
• With connections
• The inlet from shell side
• TIG welded plates

Plate Design
• High turbulence
• High K-value
• Material from normal PHE
• Laser Welded plate cassette
• Ready to be welded together
• No gasket is needed

Download Marine Plate Heat Exchangers Product Brochure (PDF file, 437kb).
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