Responsive and AvailableResponsive and Available

Our engineers are based in Singapore and Malaysia and are highly mobile - ready to reach you anywhere in the region. They are very experienced, multilingual and very driven by customer satisfaction. Particularly for marine applications, where vessels are traversing the world, the SONDEX group of companies and approved agents provide a truly global network of service outlets that means you can access the same level of service and genuine parts anywhere your vessel may be. Furthermore, our service is not limited to SONDEX equipment, we are geared up to provide service on all types of PHE.

Design ServicesDesign Services

Every SONDEX solution is customized to fit the users requirements. Before you invest in SONDEX equipment our local engineers are at your service to help optimise your system. There are many variables to consider and complex thermodynamic calculations underlying the correct sizing of the equipment. We use proprietary computerized systems to fine tune the selection of PHE or FWD models and then customize it - ensuring every detail is covered, right down to the type and colour of the paint! We provide electronic data sheets, AutoCAD drawings, manuals, define spare part requirements and comply to any standards or certification bodies that you should specify.

Upgrading and Expansion

When we initially implement your SONDEX PHE and FWD solutions we will always design for expansion according to your needs. When the time comes we are ready to re-specify your system and add the necessary plates.

Maintenance ProgramsMaintenance Programs

SONDEX PHE are renowned for their long lasting and low maintenance features. However, depending upon the environment, application and media, the life and efficiency of duty can be lengthened by adopting a planned preventive program. This approach will protect your investment - ensuring maximum reliability, minimum unplanned downtime and efficient duty over an extended period. A program of inspection, detection and correction will serve to identify leaks, inlet, outlet or differential pressure drops before they effect operation. We are happy to develop a customized maintenance program to fit your needs.

Servicing SolutionsServicing Solutions

We are always on call to help you protect your investment in PHE and FWD. Our high quality services are not limited to SONDEX products only; we can take care of all of the PHE on your site – irrespective of the original manufacturer. You can expect a quick and professional response from our expert field service personnel who are ready to assist you with:
• Supervision and problem solving
• System Start-up & Commissioning
• Re-gasketing and inspection
• Hydro-testing & dye penetrant testing
• Cleaning - hydroblasting, mechanical & chemical
• General Advisory services
• Hands-on training of your staff
• Site audit
• Genuine spares
• Full frame refurbishment

FWD Services

Our comprehensive servicing solution for FWD includes a thorough audit and replacement program. As well as de-scaling the evaporator and condenser plates and re-gasketing, we will check and replace / repair as required the following:
• Salinometer & flow meter
• Mineral dosing unit
• Solenoid valves
• Seawater & fresh water pumps
• Mechanical seals Service


We guarantee our service & quality and back it up with a full 12 month parts & labour warranty anywhere, anytime.