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Plate Heat Exchanger - Sanitary PHE

SONDEX Sanitary PHE are widely used in the food, dairy and brewing industries for heating and cooling duties. Sanitary PHE are applied as multi-section pasteurizers for milk, sugar solutions, fruit juice, vegetable oil, beer etc.


•The SONDEX Sanitary plate is designed to achieve optimum distribution of the product over the entire plate surface.
•The plate complies to American 3A standard and the Sonder-Snap clip-in glue free gaskets are FDA approved.
•Patented hanging system to ensure correct plate alignment.
•Deepened gasket groove resulting in less gasket area being exposed to the product. This reduces the likelihood of gasket blow-out and contamination.
•Stainless steel hygienic frame
•Intermediate frames
•Hygienic connections.

Download Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers Product Brochure (PDF file, 638kb).
• Read about SONDEX Service and Benefits.

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