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Fresh Water Distillers - Single Stage FWD

Single Stage FWDThe SONDEX Single-Stage FWD utilizes the waste heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water from seawater. Other sources of hot water or steam can also be used, eg from a boiler.

The FWD is simple to operate and based on highly resistant materials which are easy to maintain. Its capacity range is from 1-100 tons/day.

The FWD is equipped with a salinity controller with alarm, running-hour meter and chemical dosing unit as standard and the unit operates fully automatically, according to given water flow and pressures, and requires a minimum of supervision.

Single Stage FWDSONDEX FWD use a unique proprietary "vertical tube" plate design, resulting in excellent water distribution with no disturbing contact points in the boiling stage. Thus the water scaling is very low - keeping maintenance to a minimum.

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