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Plate Heat Exchanger - Semi-Welded PHE

SONDEX Semi-Welded Plates are built up in cassettes comprising two plates welded together by laser welding. The benefit of this construction is that on one side there is a welded plate channel and on the other a conventional plate channel with gaskets, making assembly and cleaning of the second side easier. On the welded side there is the benefit of two specially produced corner hole gaskets, that creates the tightening between the two cassettes, thus reducing the gasket to a minimum on the welded side.


Advantages and Applications
•Laser welded plates
•Suitable for NH3
•Evaporators and Condensers
•High working pressure
•Minor gasket area
•Safe operation without leaking
•Small liquid volume

The Inlet Area
•Low pressure drop
•No dead spots
•Even distribution
•Turbulence in the inlet area

The Main Pattern
•Optimal use of pressure drop
•High turbulence
•High K-value

The Gasket Groove
•Closed gasket groove
•Full support of the gasket
•O ring gasket
•The higher working pressure
•The smaller the risk for leaks
•Long lifetime of the gasket
•Locks plates together

The Plate Hanging System
•Seperate gasket material
•The higher working pressure
•Full support of the gasket
•Long lifetime of the gasket

Download Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers Product Brochure (PDF file, 623kb).
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