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Fresh Water Distillers - Two Stage FWD

Two Stage FWDThe SONDEX Two Stage Freshwater Distiller is based on the utilization of waste heat and basically is used where high production is required, and the energy available is limited.

A Two Stage unit is therefore only consuming about half of the energy of the Single Stage unit. Typical applications are offshore rigs, passenger ships, hotels and other installations where the waste heat is limited or expensive to create.

Our Two Stage units have been specifically designed and fully scale tested in order to secure both stable and reliable production with long service intervals and production of very pure freshwater with low salinity. The unit operates fully automatically according to given water flow and pressures, and requires a minimum of supervision.

Two Stage FWDThe capacity ranges from 50 to 200 tons per day and similar to the Single Stage unit incorporates SONDEX proprietary "vertical tube" plate design.

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